Cabrinha & KSA State Wave Titles

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Jul. 18 - Sep. 13, 2020

Location: Middleton Cliffs, Middleton

Middleton Wave Titles

Between JULY 18th - SEPTEMBER 13th 2020 - When there is a wind window. If there's wind on a weekend, Kiteboarding Australia will notify all participants the Wednesday before!

Crew it's time to get geared up and ready for the first 2020 KSA event: the CABRINHA & KSA STATE WAVE TITLES is ON! Enjoy the wind, a bbq, and presos on the beach to follow immediately after the event. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and this event has a division to suit all riding abilities. So if your comfortable riding in surf conditions, get involved, have a crack and most of all have fun. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STOKE!!! Competitors must be KSA members (register which includes individual 3rd party insurance.

The event will have several categories – Juniors, Open Men, Open Women, Masters (over 35) and Amateurs.

Participants entry fee $30, spectators free.

Prize money offered - $150 1st, $100 2nd $50 3rd in all events.

Bring on the wind and waves! See you on the water

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