Landlord tips

Getting Your Property Ready

  • Finalise all accounts for power, telephone, Pay TV etc. SA Water accounts must remain in your name.
  • Inform your insurance company that you will be renting out your premises. This may affect your policy and any future claims.
  • Inform your Bank if you have a mortgage on the property. They will need your new details.
  • Check you have working smoke alarms fitted to your property.
  • Please make sure your property is cleaned thoroughly, both inside and out, including the windows and curtains. 
  • The higher the standard of cleanliness at the time of the ingoing inspection, the greater the chance of making the tenant maintain that cleanliness to a high level.
  • All carpets should be professionally steam cleaned. We cannot legally compel a tenant to professionally steam clean carpets when they vacate a property, however they must leave them as they found them.
  • Please ensure all grounds are neat and tidy. Lawns need to be mowed and edged, gardens weeded and all rubbish removed.
  • Oil stains from driveway, carport and garage floors, if possible also should be removed,
  • Arrange for a pest control company to conduct routine white ant inspection.
  • You will need to supply Dodd & Page with three full sets of keys to all doors and locks. 
  • One set will be held in our office and two will be issued to the tenant.
  • Please be sure to advise Dodd & Page of all contact phone numbers, email, forwarding addresses and any other change of details when they occur.